Hello  My name is Okougha Geoffrey , Freelance Direct Response Copywriter , I help business increase conversion and multiply sales through copywriting and email marketing...   

Does your business run good advertising campaigns and struggles to get conversions?   Also do you have thousands of subscribers on your mailing list but opening and response rate are poor?   If you say “yes” to the above then scrolling all the way down would be really valuable   But wait !.. 

check out my offer for adding extra zeros to your business bottom line   I specialize in helping e commerce business build solid trust with customers thereby increasing conversion   My core strength of writing high converting ad copy will boost your sales plus ad campaign will be done the right way   Also my specific skills and strategies in getting in consumers head and knowing exactly what they want has enabled me execute a good number of successful advertising campaign   

I can also help maximize profit... turning your mailing list into a “money machine” by writing profit-drenching emails   Adding a couple more zeros to your bottom line would be really easy if you...  Shoot me a DM or contact me by email at...  geoffreyokougha2@gmail.com

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